1868 December 9 Letter to John W. Young


1868 December 9 Letter to John W. Young


Young is asked to send an account of who received supplies so they can be billed.




T. W. Ellerbeck


John W. Young


1868 December 9


Salt Lake City


Financial Matters


Salt Lake City, U.T.
Dec. 9, 1868.

Jno. W. Young Esq:-

Dear Bro:

In reply to inquiries made by bro. Alma Smith, the following supplies were not charged to any one 
17.400 lb Chopt wheat 
75 Sks flour

The above were sent to Head of Echo, & it was expected that your Clerk would be able, before this time, to render an account of who got them, so that the pay could be obtained.

The beef 22 head @ $421/2 each, amounting to $935.00 was charged against you by report of Bro. Stringham, also the 50 Sks flour got Nov. 6. by Written order yr favor on C.W. West & potatoes.

The President wishes me to request you to send me the Acct as soon as possible of who had all the Chopt & flour <first> above specified.

Your kind & immediate attention will greatly oblige
Your bro. in the Gospel of Peace

T.W. Ellerbeck