1868 December 11 Letter to C. V. Spencer


1868 December 11 Letter to C. V. Spencer


Spencer is counseled to quit the use of tobacco, tea, coffee and liquor.




Brigham Young


C. V. Spencer


1868 December 11


Salt Lake City

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Gospel Doctrine

Salt Lake City. U.T.
11 December 1868.

Elder C.V. Spencer,

Dear Brother:-

In relation to the circumstance mentioned in your note, which you say occured at meeting of the school of the Prophets. I have no recolection of having made such a statement and think you must be mistaken therein.

If you refer to the the time when I rebuked the brethren who were cavelling about the word of wisdom, the keeping of the Sabbath &c last spring in the 14 Ward School House. I then and there made some rougher statements than you make mention of. If you include yourself in that rebuke, which was intended for many, then I can understand it.

Now bro. Claudius I have the best of feelings for you and for your father's family and I have a word of counsel for you. Quit the use of tobacco in every way, from this very day and use it no more, if you drink tea and coffee or both stop it, and drink no more liquor, without it is in case of sickness, if you will do this you shall have my fullest fellowship and I can say the blessings of heaven shall rest upon you

Your Brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young