1868 December 21 Letter to Jesse Haven


1868 December 21 Letter to Jesse Haven


Information is requested concerning allegations against Bishop Peterson.




Brigham Young


Jesse Haven


1868 December 21


Salt Lake City
Weber, Morgan County

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Salt Lake City
Dec. 21st 1868.

Elder Jesse Haven,
North Weber Valley, Morgan Co.

Dear Bro.

I have received an anonimous letter from the settlenent in which you reside, making a number of charges against bishop Peterson and others of the brethren. If you know anything about the matter or can find out anything about its truth or falsity, I shall be pleased to hear from you with regard to it.

The charges are substantially as follows.

That immediately after Conference, and covenanting not to trade with outsiders, the Bishop's son, George H. Petterson went to a gentile store and purchased goods to the amount of $150.00, that he has since opened a store to sell these goods, near his black smith shop. On or about the 20th of November he & James Bond came to this city, and bought goods of Perry to the amount of $2000. & Bond obtained the goods for Elder John Taylor's store at Fountain Green, but the writer states he has no idea that Elder Taylor knows where the goods were bought, as they were all taken to Pettersons house, Perry having obliterated his name from all the boxes and packages, and Bro. Taylor's team fetched them from Petterson's house. The writer goes on to say that the Bishop was well aware of all this, bought part of the goods for his own family use, and has since gone into partnership with his son, and that it is rumored, the Bishop is soon expected home with a supply of liquor to sell at the store, with or without license.

Hoping yourself and family are well, and praying the Lord to abundantly bless you, I remain

Your brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young