1868 December 22 Letter to H. S. Case


1868 December 22 Letter to H. S. Case


All who desire to serve the Lord and do His will are welcome in Utah. Available employment includes farmers, laborers, and artisans.




Brigham Young


H. S. Case


1868 December 22


Salt Lake City
Camp Winfield Scott, Nevada

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Missionary Work

Salt Lake City,
Dec. 22nd, 1868

H.S. Case
Camp Winfield Scott, Nev.

Dear Sir:

Your favor of 25th ultimo with regard to coming to this country has reached me.

Twenty one years ago when we first came to this country we found it a desert, apparently devoid of everything tending to make life comfortable; through faith and constant reliance in the providence of God and our own deterrent efforts and labors, we have made the country what it is. I presume you are aware of the causes that led to our coming here; that it was because we desired to worship the Lord in accordance with the revelations the Lord vouchsafed to us free from the persecutions of our fellow men, and not for the purpose of accumulating vast riches. We have been greatly blessed and prospered in our endeavors. Not only have we been enabled to worship God in peace, but we have also had the privilege of gathering around us many temporal blessings the desire to retain these blessings and by the help of our Father in Heaven, we presume we shall. We are glad to welcome to our midst, all who desire to unite with us in serving the Lord, and we are pleased to greet as brethren, all who will, with faith and confidence in Him, seek to do His will, will repent of their sins and determine by the assistance of heaven, they will for the future strive to live a virtuous life, and as a proof of the sincerity of their intentions, will be baptized by a servent of God for the remission of their sins: such are the requirements made of all who desire to obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With regard to labor, -- like most other <new> countries, there is plenty for the farmer, the laborer, and artizan to do. But the professions and mercantile pursuits, are as crowded as the necessities of the population require. But their is no need for any person who is willing to work, going hungry or naked. We came here when there was nothing, and have managed to live through it, and see no fear for those who come here now, with right intentions, suffering for any of the necessities of life.

Praying the Lord to bless you and lead you to the truth.

I remain,
Yours respectfully

Brigham Young