1868 December 23 Letter to G. M. Gore


1868 December 23 Letter to G. M. Gore


John Brown can provide information about church doctrine and emigration. Those who gather to Utah are assisted by the Saints and taught how to provide for themselves.




Brigham Young


G. M. Gore


1868 December 23


Salt Lake City
St. Croix Falls, Polk County, Wisconsin


Missionary Work
Church Doctrine


GoreSalt Lake City, Dec. 23rd
G.M. Gore Esq.
St. Croi Falls, Polk Co. Wisc.
Dear Sir,
Your letter of inquiry of the 17th ult. is before me, and in answer, permit me to refer you to our agent in
the Western States, Mr. John Brown, 2006 North 14th Street, St Louis. He will take pleasure in giving you
any particulars you may desire with regard to the best way of coming here, the time our companies will
start &c. or any information appertaining to the faith and doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints; or of the Territory we inhabit; should any of the Elders of the Church be travelling in
your vicinity, they will doubtless be happy to call on you, should you express such a wish to Elder Brown.
I am pleased to read in your letter, that you are determined to come here under any circumstances, and
for the sake of the gospel make your home with us. We shall be pleased to welcome you as we do all
others who come desiring to serve the Lord, and keep his commandments. Twenty one years ago we
came comparatively naked and barefoot to this valley; at that time one of the most barren and
unpromising looking spots on the whole earth. By faith in the Lord and our own unremitting industry, we
have managed to gather around us the necessities and many of the comforts of life, and I see no reason
why any one who comes here with right motives, and a clear head and willing hand, should suffer for
the things that make this life enjoyable. One of the secrets of our success (under God) is, that we teach
the people who gather with us how to help and provide for themselves. We not only believe in "living
and letting live", but in living and helping to live, and believe we can far better accomplish this purpose
by pointing out the way in which men and women can use their talents and abilities to the best
advantage, and helping them to do so, than by keeping them in idleness and giving them all they ask.
This latter course will never make a people rich or independent, but fill the land with paupers and idlers.
You ask regarding the crime of adultry, and its punishment. Justice would demand that the Israelitish
law should be enforced.
Wishing you well,
I remain yours Respectfully.
Brigham Young