1868 December 24 Letter to George Stradlegger


1868 December 24 Letter to George Stradlegger


All who wish to worship the Lord are welcome in Utah but there are more lawyers, physicians and educators than needed. Gospel principles are shared. Dwight Eveleth can give further information.




Brigham Young


George Stradlegger


1868 December 24


Salt Lake City

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Gospel Doctrine


Salt Lake City
Dec. 24th. 1868

Mr. Geo.Stradlegger,
Care of C.T. Mebins,
San Francisco:

Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 7th inst is before me. Our territory, like all new countries affords ample opportunity for the farmer, the laborer and the artizan to do well; though there are disadvantages, that are however fast wearing away, attending this portion of the continent, that are not met with in older settled regions, contiguous to the great markets of the world, neither is our soil as deep or rich as many portions of the States; for instance, as the Mississippi valley &c. The professions are however as crowded as the necessities of the population demand. Physicians, lawyers, educational professors have in many cases had to turn their attention to agricultural or mercantile pursuits, to secure a living; still we are pleased to welcome all here, who desire to gather with us to worship the Lord, in accordance with the revelations He has vouchsafed unto us in this dispensation of his mercy. But the numerous calls for help of those who have been members with us for many years, who still remain in Europe or the Eastern States, preclude us from financially assisting others to come here who are not at present of us.

Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world; to call upon the people to repent of their sins and be baptized for the remission thereof by one who has authority from our Savior to act in His name, and for ever after, by the help of the Lord, to lead Godly, sober, virtuous life, seeking to keep the commandments of God in all things. These are the first principles of the Everlasting Gospel, and have ever been preached by the servants of God, when He has had a people whom He acknowledged on the earth. Should you desire to know more, or to become a member of our Church, you can address a note to Mr. Dwight Eveleth, Merchant of your city, who will be pleased to give you any information you desire regarding our faith and doctrines.

Praying the Lord to bless you, I remain, Yours &c.
Brigham Young