1868 December 26 Letter to C. F. Brown


1868 December 26 Letter to C. F. Brown


Brigham explains why the Saints fled to Utah in 1847. He shares the first principles of the gospel. Those with righteous intentions are welcome.




Brigham Young


C. F. Brown


1868 December 26


Salt Lake City
St. Luis Obispi, California

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Gospel Doctrine
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Salt lake City
Decbr. 26th 1868

Mr. C.F. Brown
St. Luis Obispi, California

Dear Sir, Your letter of the 2nd inst. is before me. It is more than twenty-one years ago since we first peopled these valleys, at that time as desolate and forbidding a portion of this earth as can well be imagined. We came here because we were not permitted by the people in Missouri and Illinois, amongst whom we formerly dwelt, to worship God in accordance with the revelation He in his mercy gave unto us. But here in the solitudes of the Great American Desert, a thousand miles from the enemies of the Gospel, we hoped to be free in persecution. This was the cause that led to our coming here, and the thousands who have since joined us, have been prompted solely by religious convictions and to associate more closely with their co-religionests. These are the inducements we offer to others to come and make their home with us.

The gospel we believe in is the same unchangeable plan of salvation that has ever been taught by the Lords' authorized servants in every age and land. It requires obedience to the same laws, which obedience, is followed by the same gifts blessings and the same priesthood to administer in the ordinances as did in the days when Jesus dwelt among men. Our mission is to teach men to have faith in God, and in His son our Savior, to repent of their sins, and be baptized for the remission of their sins by one who has authority to act in the name of Jesus, so that they may receive a portion of His Holy Spirit, and forever after strive to live in a Godly, honest and virtuous life. These are the principles all men are required to <listen to> and obey.

If you feel like coming here with the desire to serve God and do His will, we shall feel pleased to welcome you, as we do all others who come here with right intentions; and I see no reason why you should not do well, when we who came here comparatively naked and barefoot, when we had no friends to aid us save Heaven alone and nothing save our own endeavors to rely on, have managed to live and prosper.

Praying the Lord to bless you with a portion of His Spirit to lead you to the truth.

I remain
Yours respectfully

Brigham Young