1868 December 29 Letter to R. W. Logan


1868 December 29 Letter to R. W. Logan


W. H. Miles can forward church publications or answer questions about church doctrine. John Browning can arrange for a visit with an Elder.




Brigham Young


R. W. Logan


1868 December 29


Salt Lake City


Missionary Work


Salt Lake City,
Decbr. 29th 1868.

R.W. Logan
31. Walnut St. Cincinnati.

Dear Sir,

In answer to your favor of 11th inst., I cannot do better than refer you to Mr. W.H. Miles, 117 John Street, New York, from whom you can obtain the works published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and will get them most probably, with greater certainty than if they were posted here.

Should you desire any particulars regarding our faith and doctrines, Elder Miles will, I am assured feel great pleasure in giving you any information you may express a wish to obtain.

Should you desire any of the Elders of our Church to call on you by writing to Mr. John Brown, 2006 North 14th street, St. Louis, he will be happy to inform you of the whereabouts of such as may be in your section of the country, or call upon you himself, when he visits your City.

Yours respectfully,
Brigham Young