1868 December 29 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1868 December 29 Letter to H. B. Clawson


Clawson is asked to forward wagons ordered through Mr. Shuttler and to negotiate the sales price. He is asked to learn the Chicago prices of particular wagon supplies.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1868 December 29


Salt Lake City

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Business Matters
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Salt Lake City, 29
December 1868.

Elder H.B. Clawson,
Dear Brother,

It is my wish that you should go to and tend to the following items of business for me. I have ordered of Schuttler of Chicago, two hundred (200) five foot track, thimble skein wagons. These wagons are for Railroad purposes and should be brought by the rails from Chicago to Omaha at quarter usual rates and from Omaha to the terminus free. This is my arrangement with Mr Reed according to previous arrangemnt. <agreement.> The freight to Omaha has to be charged to the Pacific Company, and I will settle with them. As you proceed on your journey watch for the wagons, and wherever you find them, forward them to the terminus; on reaching Chicago should you find that some of the wagons are not completed, get a few nice, light ones with springs used in the place of them. Mr. Schuttler informs me that he had shipped one hundred (100) wagons previous to the 22nd instant, and expected to ship fifty (50) more on the 26th. the balance on the 28th. A discount of $8.00 is allowed by Mr Schuttler. It is not enough, he should allow 10%, I shall be pleased to have you speak to him on this matter.

While in Chicago please look round and learn the prices and particulars of good wagon timber, and will also enquire where the Chicago people get their pig iron from, and what they have to pay for it, also the best brands of Iron, the probable cost of freighting it here, and any other particulars you may deem advantageous to be known before we commence to import the raw material for each

When you return, pick up all the wagons that may be on the road also your own freight, bring them along and hasten back again as quickly as you can without infringing on the full accomplishment of your business.

Praying the Lord to bless you.

I remain, Your brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young