1869 April 14 Letter to C. W. Naisbett


1869 April 14 Letter to C. W. Naisbett


A sketch is sent and instructions given for the printing of the Seventies' Certificate. Franklin Woolley was killed by Indians. Brigham travels to Dixie.


Indian Affairs


D. McKenzie


C. W. Naisbett


1869 April 14


Salt Lake City


Seventies' Certificate
Indian Affairs

Salt Lake City, U.T.
April 14. 1869'

Mr. C.W. Naisbett.
Dear Bro:--

President Brigham Young instructed me to send you the accompanying sketch to have it engraved on copper & 6000 lithographed on the best bank paper; if there are 2 colours, the whiter would be preferred.
I have chosen the Temple for a vignette because there is a stereotype of it in the Title page of the "Deseret First Book," and the Lithographer can take a Transfer therefrom which will save the expense of Engraving. The Stereotype is in the possession of Russell Bros. 28, 30 & 32 Centre Street. N.Y. Elder Orson Pratt will be in New York shortly to publish the Book of Mormon at this House & will authorize the use of the Stereotype of the Temple for this purpose if such authority is required. If however there is any difficulty in getting the Stereotype, rather than cause delay, better have it engraved.
The matter of printing is left to your taste, as there might be a delicate tint used; they might be printed in 2 colours. I would suggest the lowering of the vignette about 1/8 of an inch, or, to the pencil line: and the raising of the words Seventies' Certificate that distance up. unless you could introduce something artistic in the upper corners; it is thought, there is too much vacant space there at present.
The words "Holiness to the Lord should be brought closer together by spacing the letters wider. The work is to be done & forwarded as soon as possible. The printers of the S.L. City Corporation Currency are recommended, the address is Seymour, Kennard & Hay 9 & 11 Nassau & 89 Liberty St. N. York City. As you are, no doubt, in constant communication, I will not trouble you with the news. save to mention one or two items:-- Franklin D. Woolley was killed by Indians when returning from California. A sad loss indeed.
The President left for Dixie this morning. John K. Long was found dead in a ditch this morning. -- supposed to have been intoxicated & to have fallen in, & been suffocated truly a drunkard's end.
Wishing you every success in your business & praying that you may be preserved to a faithful discharge of every duty.
I remain
Your Brother in the Gospel
D. McKenzie