1870 April 6 Letter to Peter Maughan


1870 April 6 Letter to Peter Maughan


The brethren are counseled to be kind but also to diligently guard against Indian hostility.


Indian Affairs


Daniel H. Wells


Peter Maughan


1870 April 6


Salt Lake City, Utah
Logan, Utah


Indian Affairs

President's Office,
S.L. City
April 6th. 1870.

Bishop Peter Maughan,
Logan City.

Dear Bro:

Yours of the 29th ult. is received. I will inquire of Bishop Nicholls concerning the matter you allude to, & take such steps as may appear neccessary. In the mean time I would suggest that the brethren keep a vigilant look-out & be continually on the alert to prevent any surprise on the part of the Indians, or any raid which they may still contemplate making. At certain points you may deem it neccessary to keep a guard over your stock. The brethren should still exhibit the same kindliness & friendliness, however, to the Indians, but, where they are exposed, they should be continually on the lookout. We have plenty enemies among us who are anxious to stir up any kind of strife against us, in any way likely to injure us, but we trust that with due diligence on our part, the Lord will defeat all their evil designs, & turn to our good the unhallowed efforts of our enemies who are now seeking our destruction.

When I hear from Bp Nicholls I shall probably write you again. May God bless you & all Israel.

Your Bro. in the Gospel.
Daniel H. Wells