1870 April 8 Letter to Bishop Nicholls


1870 April 8 Letter to Bishop Nicholls


Counsel to pacify the Indians with rations rather than risk a conflict.


Indian Affairs


Daniel H. Wells


Bishop Nicholls


1870 April 8


Salt Lake City, Utah
Daniel H. Wells

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Indian Affairs

Salt Lake City, U.T.
April 8. 1870.

Bishop Nicholls.
Brigham City.

Dear Bro:-

Information has reached us that the Indian Chief, Captn. Tom & his band, at present located just north west of Corinne, complain bitterly against you for witholding their rations of flour &c.

There are, no doubt, some grounds for this complaint, & if so, there are, no doubt, equally good grounds for witholding their rations, otherwise, I believe you would not do so; still, it is patent to us from past experience that kindness to the Indian is not entirely thrown away, while on the other <hand> he is very
vindictive, & resentful of what he considers to be an injury. It is proper, therefore, that we should not lose sight of the pacific policy, but conform, so far as possible to our usual practice of kindness & forbearance.

I am ignorant of the circumstances of the case, but from the information received, I felt it to be my duty to call your attention to the report, to check ill-feelings on the part of the Indians & avert trouble which might in the end prove serious

Daniel H. Wells