1870 May 13 Letter to D. L. Thomas


1870 May 13 Letter to D. L. Thomas


Overall, the Saints have had few conflicts with the Indians. It is cheaper to feed them then to fight them. Vigilance is taken to preserve property.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


D. L. Thomas


1870 May 13


Salt Lake City, Utah
Indianopolis, Indiana


Indian Affairs

Salt Lake City. U.T.
13 May 1870

D.L. Thomas Esqr.
Indianopolis, Ind.


Your favor of May 9th regarding the Indians in Utah, reached me this morning. We have had occasional trouble with the Indians in this Territory, but far less than in the surrounding regions, and even these few difficulties have almost always arisen from the folly of strangers and transients, who have interfered with and abused the Red Men. For ourselves we have found it much cheaper to feed than to fight them, at the same time have realized that eternal vigilence is the price of safety, and have proved it wise to be prepared for them, should they come as friend or foe. In keeping temptation out of the way of the Indian and caring more for the preservation of our property, than for their removal, we have found another safeguard.
The policy we have endeavored to persue has been to treat them kindly, and strive to raise them up to our standard, instead of sinking to theirs

Yours Respectfully
Brigham Young