1870 September 13 Letter to Jacob Hamblin


1870 September 13 Letter to Jacob Hamblin


An Indian should be appointed Bishop to supervise the allocation of provisions to both the whites and the natives. Native scouts should be vigilant for Navajo encroachment. The Navajoes and Utes should be empowered to sustain themselves.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells


Jacob Hamblin


1870 September 13


Salt Lake City, Utah
Tokerville, Utah

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Toker, Sept 13, 1870.

To Elder Jacob Hamblin, Prest Indian Mission,

Dear Brother:

You should appoint some good Indian to act as Bishop at the Paria in dividing the grain. Let him see that the fodder and that portion of the grain belonging to the whites be preserved for scouting parties, or otherwise to be disposed of under your direction, and that belonging to the Indians must be put in his charge and dealt out by him day by day to them for their benefit also as you shall direct.

The Indians must be learned as fast as practicable to work to sustain themselves and not expect that the whites or other people will do their work for them.

You will also attend to having some Indian scouts both at Paria and Kanab to watch for and give timely information of the approach of Navajoes or other hostile Indians.

You will also seek to obtain access to the Navajoes as well as the Red Lake Utes at the earliest opportunity to conciliate them and promote friendship towards the inhabitants and by no manner of means encourage either them or any other Indians of having arms and amunition to use against the whites, but endeavor to induce <them> to resort to the more peaceful avocations of life such as keeping stock and raising grain for a subsistence.

Arrangements have been made with Bro. Winsor to furnish you with the cows you lack for the Indian families you have promised.

Praying God to bless you we remain
Your Brethren in the Gospel

(Signed) Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells.