1853 August 29 Letter to Edward A. Bedell


1853 August 29 Letter to Edward A. Bedell


A request to Major E. A. Bedell to visit the different Indian tribes in the vicinity of the Weber River to further relations and learn of their deportment and strength.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Major E. A. Bedell


1853 August 29


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

Item sets


Department of Ind. Affairs.
Great Salt Lake City Augt 29, 1853

Dear Sir,

At your earliest convenience, I wish you to take your Interpreter, and visit Little Soldier & his band, & such other Indians as may be in the vicinity of Weber River, below the lower Kanyon, and have a talk with them, learning their feelings, position and numbers and make them such presents as may be Proper. Also talk with such Indians as you may find on your route going and returning & make them presents, should your judgment so dictate.
You will please have to & limit the presents you may make to Shirts, tobacco, blankets and kindred articles.

Respectfully Yours &c

Major E. A. Bedell Brigham Young

Indian Agent
Gov. Ex Officio Superintendent
G.S.L. City
Indian Affairs Utah Territory
U. T.