1853 August 30 Letter to Davis Robison


1853 August 30 Letter to Davis Robison


Communicated the wellbeing of Robison's family and discussing the Escape of prisoners Elisha Ryan and Jim Bridger and their possible whereabouts. Expresses concern for a possible weapons stash left for the Indians and a desire for positive communication and commerce with the Indians.


Indian Affairs


Daniel H. Wells


Davis Robison


1853 August 30


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City August 30, 1853

Davis Robison

Daar Brother,

Your note is <received.> your family are well, as also all of the that I have heard of. I delivered their letters principally myself and found all well.

Of course you will draw out sufficient for all necessary wants with economy and prudence. I am a little astonished at Ryan's escape. I think you are mistaken about Bridger's going to Laramie, and perhaps he may have cached ammunition, guns &c. Colwell and [??] and purchased oil of Addoms & Kinkead, or at least a large proportion of it; this should be looked to; so far as relates to leaving any quantity there for the purpose of supplying the Indians for hunting purposes. If we only had some Judicious persons to remain there it might prove beneficial; but that can be arranged hereafter.

One of the Agents will probably be located there or in that vicinity, and the Indians can secure their supplies by coming to the City, and perhaps that this would also prove beneficial, as it would bring them in more direct communication and commerce with us, and perhaps exert a more salutary influence over them. The President says, that if you would like to go there and trade with the Indians, that he would give you a Liscence, but of this hereafter.

In Haste I subscribe myself

Very truly your undeviating friend & Brother
Daniel H. Wells