1853 August 31 Letter to John C. L. Smith


1853 August 31 Letter to John C. L. Smith


Acknowledgement of the receipt of cattle in exchange for guns and ammunition. Discussed the price value of cattle, the process of branding, and accepting the services of the Paruvant Indians.


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Brigham Young


John C. L. Smith


1853 August 31


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City Aug[st]. 31st 1853

President John C. L. Smith

Dear Brother --

Having a chance to send a line by one of the Pauvant indians who is desirous of being a messenger to you I gladly improve the opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of your stock, and the disposition which we have made of the same I have branded them all alike and placed them in the hands of a herdsman

The Guns and ammunition which you sent for will be forwarded the first safe opportunity that we have to send During the stay of Bro Lewis here last spring I presume that the prices of stock was much greater than they are at present and it is probably owing to this cause that much of the stock from Parowan is valued so high. Calves from $10.-- to $16.- is certainly a very liberal price, the cattle from Coal Creek are generally rather more reasonable altho some of them would not bring the prices fixed upon them <they> probably looked much better when they were valued than they do now. We took a description of the cattle that we Branded so that we would know them. We found the cattle from Coal Creek so mixed up that we found it exceedingly difficult to ascertain which were sent for safe keeping and which were sent for ammunition; as we found more of both kinds branded with the Church Brands and some of Each kind that were not so branded this is the reason that we Branded the balance with the Church Brand

It was not our expectation or design that you should turn your stock into the Church, But Bro. Geo. A. Smith informs me that it was altogether a voluntary thing on the part of the people.

So far as the Cattle are sent for ammunition, Guns, &c and those that were sent for safe keeping, we have concluded to take them at the valuation and become responsible for the same in stock of the same kind and pay up for what is called for in arms and ammunition so as to make it all right The number that your report called for was found correct when we get time we will go over your reports and make up the packages called for so far as we can obtain them. Guns of the description called for are somewhat hard to get yet we will do the best we can for you and will then forward a fuller report These Pa<r>uvants Indians seem perfectly friendly, and not only willing but anxious to do some service they say they will try to find out the whereabouts and intentions of Walker and his Band and let us know about them All is well and we remain as ever Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young

P. S. We want you to write a letter and send back by the same Indian and make him some presents for his services.