1853 August 31 Letter to Charles C. Rich


1853 August 31 Letter to Charles C. Rich


Details on the present Indian hostilities, resulting deaths and their efforts to create a defense. Visitations to the Southern settlements deemed unsafe. Gives permission for the survey and disposition of lots.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Charles C. Rich


1853 August 31


Great Salt Lake City
San Bernardino, California

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Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City Augt. 31st 1853.

Dear Brother,

Yours of July the 27th arrived on the 27th inst, and I was truly rejoiced to learn of your welfare, & surprised that you have seen no letters from me since we parted, at Salt Creek, as I have written to you & Bro Amasa by every Mail, and I presume you will find the letters at San Bernardino when you return, hence I shall only write the general News since the date of my last. Indian Walker and his band, still keep prowling around our settlements in small parties, and have killed John Dixon and John Quayle, and slightly wounded John Hoagland & Isaac Duffin, and driven off a few more animals.

The brethren are extremely busy securing their Wheat, & hay, and the crops as they mature, getting up their Winter's Wood, & completing their fortifications.

We have located the line, the assessment is being made rapidly, and we shall commence next Week to inclose our entire City, with a substantial ditch, & wall; and there will be Gates and Bastians at proper distances. Though somewhat of an undertaking in the midst of so many labors, still we have unanimously deemed it to be a wise move for our salvation. In the present Indian hostilities, we have thus far acted entirely on the defencive; Judging that to be the <best> course for many reasons. You will learn from my former letters, that circumstances have prevented my going to San Bernardino this fall, and from present appearances, I do not expect it will be prudent for me even to make my usual tour of visitation to our Southern Settlements, disappointing me in common with you, but such things often happen in this probation. In the meantime as I have already advised you, agree upon the site for your City, survey it out, and make such disposition of lots as you deem best, and go ahead and do all things requisite.

I notified Bro. Horne by the last Mail, that I should not be able to visit you this year. As you know we have much use for means, you will please be careful to forward me all the tithing funds you can raise, by every safe and reliable opportunity.

In all your duties do as I would, were I present, for you have a right to the same Spirit that enlightens my mind.

Praying for your constant guidance by the Spirit & for your prosperity.

I Remain as ever
Your Brother in the Gospel

signed Brigham Young

Gen[l]. Chas. C. Rich
San Bernardino