1853 August 24 Letter to P. R. Wright


1853 August 24 Letter to P. R. Wright


Counsel to be cautious but friendly to the Indians. Suggesting that Wright offer labor and fair pay when deemed wise.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


P. R. Wright


1853 August 24


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

Item sets


Governors Office. U. T.

Capt[n]. P. R. Wright
Tooele Military Dist.

Owing to circumstances it was deemed proper to be very cautious, guarded, and Stringent in the 3rd Article of my Proclamation dated Augt 19th, 1853, and as there are many friendly Indians in the different Settlements and passing to and fro, you are hereby counseled to furnish labor when practicable, to any Indian Known to be friendly and pay him fairly therefor, in such things as will do him good, and trust him with such kindness and afford him such aid and comfort as humanity and prudence may warrant; and in case you send out any lndian to hunt, or otherwise, and he lacks ammunition,it may at times be proper to furnish a small quantity at a time to such Indian, when you have it reasonably to spare.

You have my full permission to comply with this counsel, but you will use the utmost caution, lest any hostile Indian should take advantage of your humanity.

This is to be kept strictly to yourselves, as private instructions.

Brigham Young
Gov. & Ex-Officio Supt. of Indian
G. S. L. City Affairs
Augt 24 /53.