1853 September 1 Special Order to George A. Smith


1853 September 1 Special Order to George A. Smith


Instructions on filling vacancies in the Utah Military District and raising up infantry members.


Nauvoo Legion


Daniel H. Wells
James Ferguson


George Albert Smith


1853 September 1


Great Salt Lake City

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Nauvoo Legion

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Head Quarters Nauvoo Legion
Adjutant Generals Office
Great Salt Lake City Sept 1, /53

Special Orders

I. The charges preferred against Col. P. M. Conover by Col. Geo. A. Smith, having been withdrawn, he is released from arrest, and will resume the command of the Utah Military District.

II. The resignation of Major Nowlin is hereby accepted. An election will be held in the Battalion of which he had Command on Saturday, the 17th inst. to fill the vacancy thus made; as well as other vacancies that may occur during the election by promotion.

III. Capt. Wm. Hall of the Central and Captn. Wm. Miller of the Southern Divisions of the Utah Military District will each raise in his respective district a Company of Infantry, the officers of which will be equipped and mounted as cavalry, to serve as minute men. To each Six non-commissioned officers and privates, there will be a Wagon, and a two horse or Mule team, for the purpose of conveying the men and baggage.

The vacancies made by the transfer of those Officers to recruiting Service, will be filled by the proper elections under the direction of Col. Smith.

IV. Col. Conover will see that all the able bodied men in the District are enrolled into some Company, and ready for service, and will aid Captn. Wall and Miller in the enrollment of their Companies, allowing
them to receive such men by transfer from other Infantry Companies as may be suitable for the Service.

By Order of

First Lieut Gan. H. Wells
James Ferguson
Adjutant General


Col Geo. A.. Smith

Southern Division Nauvoo Legion