1853 August 24 Special Orders to William H. Kimball


1853 August 24 Special Orders to William H. Kimball


Instructions to organize a detachment of thirty men to aid Major Ferguson, cease all ammunition and liquor meant for trade with the Indians and arrest resisters.


Nauvoo Legion


Daniel H. Wells


William H. Kimball


1853 August 24


Great Salt Lake City

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Nauvoo Legion
Indian Affairs

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Head Quarters Nauvoo Legion
Adjutant General's Office.
G..S. L. City, U. T. Augt 24, 1853

Special Orders No.
To Lieut. Col Wm H. Kimball


You will raise a detachment from Great Salt Lake Military District of Thirty men mounted, and fully armed and equipped with the necessary baggage, Wagons, Teams, #c. and Twenty Days rations.

Proceed immediately with as little delay as possible, to join Major James Ferguson, now en route for Green River, via Fort Bridger.

You will keep an open communication back, that may become requisite, to keep this office informed, of all important matters, and occurrances, and aid Major Ferguson in the accomplishment, and fulfilment of his instructions, that there may be no failure for the want of sufficient force.

Be vigilant on your Route, that you may not be taken in Ambush, or surprised by Indians or others, and extremely careful of your animals and Men; preserve good order and decorum, cleanliness, and sobriety in your Camp. Be free in interchange of your instructions with Major Ferguson, to whom you will report yourself as soon as you arrive; and <with> whom you are associated in the Command of the expedition.

After consolidating your detachments, and to whose instructions we wish to add, that being informed that large quantities of ammunition have probably been disposed of to Mountaineers at Green River, and other places to trade with the Indians, which we wish to have you distinctly understand, is to be brought away, regardless in whose hands it may be found. You are also directed to search for spirituous Liquors, and destroy all intended for Indian use or trade; and indeed all of every Kind, except what may be reasonably considered Military Stores, or for private individual use.

Leave no barrier to the free transmission of the Mail, or the enforcement of the Laws of the United States. Arrest and bring to this City every offender against the Laws; send especially those who resisted the Sheriff, Marshal, or other Officer while upon duty in that section during the past Summer, taking persons and property of all such offenders, and bring in safe custody for trial before the United States District Court in the First Judicial District in this Territory, herein fail not, and make upon your return, a full Report of all your doings herein.

Respectfully, Daniel H. Wells.
Lieut Genl. Commanding
Nauvoo Legion.

P. S.

The names of the persons designated for
the expedition, are hereunto affixed. Lieut. Gear commanding
which you will cause to be notified, and [?] Nauvoo Legion
to prepare for instant departure.
D. H. W.
N. B.

You will not fail to [?]
companies to travel in [?] Companies
for their protection and
United States

D. H. W.