1853 August 25 Letter to Thomas S. Smith


1853 August 25 Letter to Thomas S. Smith


Dissatisfaction of Bishop Brownell’s ward with the location of the Fort.


Nauvoo Legion


Daniel H. Wells


Thomas S. Smith


1853 August 25


Great Salt lake City
Davis County

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Nauvoo Legion

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Great Salt Lake City, Augt 25th 1853

Col Thomas S. Smith
Commanding Davis County
Military District


Bishop Brownell informs me that the People of his Ward, are very universally dissatisfied in relation to the location of the Fort; and that it is not as good by far as might be obtained somewhere else, the precise whereabouts of which he can point out.

I informed the Bishop, that I had every confidence in your doing right, and that if he would go to you, that you would probably act, unbiased with discretion and prudence in the matter.

It certainly becomes necessary to comply as far as possible with the Judicious view of the people, in respect to these things, as they are materially affected thereby, and in order to carry them out effectually union of effort is required.

All I have to say upon the subject is simply, if you have not got the best place selected for a Fort that there is in the ward, taking all things pertaining thereto into consideration, why, get it as soon as you can, and proceed with your defences with out delay, and so do in all the District.

Daniel H. Wells
Lieut General Commanding Nauvoo Legion

P. S.

I had a line for Father Brownell when he's down, but he cant get this until it could be copied.

D. H. Wells