1853 September 12 Letter to I. W. Cummings


1853 September 12 Letter to I. W. Cummings


Petitioning protection for the Emigration teams from the Indians and help finding lost cattle.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


I. W. Cummings


1853 September 12


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs
Nauvoo Legion

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G. S. L. City Sept. 12, 1853.

Captn. I. W. Cummings

Dear Brother,

I improve the opportunity afforded by Major Bedell the Indian Agent, and D. B. Huntington, Interpreter, to write a line to you. The Companies have arrived all safe, with the exception of Lieut Orson Whitney who accidentally shot himself in the leg; he is doing well and will probably soon recover.

There has been some of the cattle lost on the road, which were sent on by Daniel Miller, Some 12. or 13 head are missing, which if you have your eye upon it, you may recover some part of them. You will remain until the emigration passes rendering them such protection as shall be necessary.

The mere fact of your being at hand with some forces will of itself serve to keep things quiet if any evil disposed persons should ever desire through revenge, malice, or otherwise to commit depredations upon the emigrants. Tis true some part of them may be late, but so much the worse it would be for them,and especially if there should be any difficulty, and the more need of your aid, therefore be content, and keep a vigilant look out for every symptom of discontent among the Indians , conciliate them so far as you can, and treat them kindly; and speak with them as far as you can, and induce them to visit the City and [loss] and necessary to be done, where all will be necessary <satisfactory> and not one left behind to suffer, nor perish in the mountains.

If any of those cattle should be found you can forward them by the trains, advising us of the fact, and herding the cattle to Lewis Robison or Robert T. Burton the

All is well, your family [?] and the rest so far as I am informed.
Bro Robison informs me that the cattle lost, are branded with a circle, and a P inside the Circle, also that there were two or three horses left, and lost one on the old Pioneer Road about twenty miles this side of Fort Bridger.

You will please render Major Bedell all the assistance that you can toget speech with Indians, necessary guards, &c. as also to turn over into [?] all property that may be in your hands pertaining to the Indian department.

May the Lord bless and prosper 
is the prayer of  your Brother In Christ

Brigham Young