1853 September 30 Letter to Hosea Stout


1853 September 30 Letter to Hosea Stout


Response to Hosea Stout, detailing Indian "depredations," progress on the Temple Block Wall, and providing counsel regarding duties as a missionary.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Hosea Stout


1853 September 30


Great Salt Lake City
Hong Kong, Victoria, China

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G. S. Lake City, Sept. 30, 1853

Dear Bro Stout,

I received your interesting letter dated at Hong Kong May 16, 1853 & hasten to answer by the return mail, being well aware of the anxious desire of the Elders on Missions to receive even a few lines from home.

Since your departure, peace and prosperity have attended us, as heretofore, with the exception of a slight disturbance on the part of Walker and his band of Utes, which began on Walker's part, by his shooting Bro. Kiel at Payson, and menacing the inhabitants, at Springville, they then fled to the mountnains, and have since committed depredations at Hamilton's & Potters and Allred's settlements, in Sanpete, causing their abandonment at Salt & Summit Creeks, the last of which is and at Bastle Creek and other places. In addition to Bro. Kiel they have killed Bros. John Dixon, John Quayle, and Wm. Dalton, & wounded several others, and have had eleven of their number Killed, and of course we do not know how many wounded. The brethren have acted entirely on the defensive, & have been kept exceedingly busy in securing their Crops & winter's hay and fuel; in pulling down and removing, & putting up their houses in fort form, in standing a guard and being always on the alert. This course seems to have baffled Walker's plans entirely, and there has been no depredations committed for some time past. Next week we shall begin to make a ditch and earth wall all around this City at a cost of about $ 4.000. the wall is to be 6 feet thick at the bottom and 12 feet high, with suitable gates, calverts and bastions; this we think will prevent the Indians from riding in and out when they please. Our this year's immigrations are arriving in goodly numbers and generally in good condition, and apparently in very good spirits. The News from all our Missions is cheering,, though no apparent success has attended the mission in the West India Islands, and Bro Orson Spencer was expelled from Prussia without a hearing and is now at home.

The North line of the Temple Block Wall is ready for the coping stone and iron railing, and the wall on the west and south sides is progressing rapidly, and if winter should be mild, we expect to complete the whole, or nearly so, by spring.

No Indian depredations have been committed since the 13th of September. Since the death of your wife, of whom I presume you have been informed, your family have continued well, and are living with Allen Taylor, and your house is finished. The Bills you left with Bro. Wells remain unpaid. Secretary Ferris left for home by way of California last May and A. W. Babbitt arrived yesterday to fill his place.

The members of the Assembly are mostly the same as when you left. So much for general home news, for I presume your brother and relations will post you up on the balance.

With regard to counsel as to your duties, you will see at once that you have, or can have all you may need at any time, when you reflect that you are clothed with the Priesthood, and have free access to the God of Israel for an abundance of his holy spirit to guide you in all duties; and are constantly remembered in our prayers, and you are doubtless too familiar with the operations of breaking new ground, to be cast down by a long and tedious beginning among strangers, and must be aware that you simply require patience & perseverance, with the exercise of what faiths and obedience you can obtain.

Should I have occasion to give you any particular counsel rest assured that it will be promptly forwarded.

I hope you will continue to write as often as your judgment may dictate, for you must know that I am always anxious to hear of the progress of your mission.

You are at liberty to finish your mission, and go to any other point, or return home, wherever and whichever the spirit may dictate.
Praying my father ln heaven to bless you,

I Remain your Brother in the Gospel

(signed) Brigham Young

Elder Hosea Stout
Hong Kong
Victoria, China