1853 October 17 Letter to P. W. Conover


1853 October 17 Letter to P. W. Conover


Instructions to render aid to Dimick B. Huntington in order to halt Indian hostilities.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


P. W. Conover
Stephen Markham
George W. Bradley
Henry Standage


1853 October 17


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, Oct 17th, 1853

To Col. P. W. Conover, Major Stephen Markham, Major Geo W. Bradley and Captn Henry Standage, and the brethren of those several Military Districts

We send our Bro. Dimick B. Huntington unto you with the hope and expectation that he will be able to stop these Indian hostilities and save the lives of our brethren.

We wish you to render him any aid that he may require either in Men, animals, or provisions, to carry out his wishes and desires. Brethren we must have peace, we must cease our hostilities, and seek by every possible means to reach the Indians with a peaceful Message, which shall exert a salutary influence over them, which shall cause them to consider us their friends.

Bro. Huntington goes out upon this expedition, in the capacity of Indian Agent in lieu of Major Edward A. Bedell, whose health will not permit him to go.

If Bro. Geo. A. Smith is on the Route, to or from those places, or at any of them, Bro. Huntington will call upon him, and act in concert with his views. We refer him to Col, Geo. A. Smith for more particular instructions and authorize Bro Huntington to call upon him also for aid.

I Remain Yours Respectfully

Brigham Young