1853 September 1 Letter to Edward A. Bedell


1853 September 1 Letter to Edward A. Bedell


Dividing the oversight of Indian Affairs into two districts. Assigning Edward A. Bedell the East district.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Edward A. Bedell


1853 September 1


Great Salt Lake City, U. T.


Indian Affairs

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Department of Indian Affairs
Utah Territory
G. S. L. City Sept 1st 1853

Dear Sir.

I have divided this Territory into two Districts, for the transaction of the business of the Indian Department therein.

I have made the North & South Territorial road the line of Division, as the tribes are so numerous, and so intermingled in many cases, that I know of no other line at present, that would answer so well, and I assign you the portion of country laying east of said road, & named the "Eastern District," and the oversight of the Indians located therein. In addition to the duties devolving upon you under the Laws & regulations of the Indian Department, with which you are familiar.

I will cheerfully furnish, from time to time such special instructions as the exegencies of the times may require.

Respectfully Yours
Obt. Servant
Major E. A. Bedell

Indian Agent Brigham Young

Gov. Ex-Officio Supt. of Indian
G. S. L. City, U. T.
Affairs for Utah Territory