1853 October 25 Letter to Easton Kelsey


1853 October 25 Letter to Easton Kelsey


Recommendations made regarding the appointment of an Adjutant and the appropriate discipline for Captains Brown and Casper.


Nauvoo Legion


James Ferguson


Easton Kelsey


1853 October 25


Great Salt Lake City


Nauvoo Legion

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Head Quarters Nauvoo Legion
Adjutant General's Office
G. S. L. City October 25th 1853.


Yours of the 15th is to hand.

The Return received is not in form.  When your district was organized, a Battalion of Cavalry was organized, and you were elected Major [General?]    The Infantry companies are considered the same and the Senior Captain commands until a Major be elected.  In your appointment of an Adjutant, select a man who can make out returns, the best business man and clerk among your Lieutenants and refer him to me to be instructed in making out returns.  His business is to attend to these matters.

As to Captains Brown and Casper, it is easier and better way for you to get along with them, is to talk with them and advise them to resign.  You may in so doing use the recommendation of Genl. Wells and myself. The tediousness of a General Court Martial​​ [illegible] if  possible to be avoided; though it will not be <done> to the detriment of discipline.  Until this can be effected, you have the power to arrest the Captains and putting the 1st Lieutenants in command.

Respectfully yours,
James Ferguson
Adjutant General

Major E. Kelsey​​​​​​
Comdr. [illegible]​​​​​Dist.