1853 December 21 Letter to undisclosed person regarding Indian Affairs


1853 December 21 Letter to undisclosed person regarding Indian Affairs


Seeking four additional Indian Sub-agents for Utah and reaffirms desire for Statehood.


Indian Affairs




Brigham Young


1853 December 21


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City, December 21, 1853

Hon. [loss]


Your of the [loss] uses of the surface of and of the condition of the Indian Tribes within our borders, and wish of particularizing on those points, and you the trouble of perusing a detail of particulars in your possession, hence I will proceed at once with the subject. My judgment in the matter, and my sense of justice toward our red men have compelled me to [employ] the mail to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, urging the necessity of giving Utah four additional Indian Sub-agents, and Major Bedell has kindly complied with my orders on the subject, and written to his friend, General soliciting his interest with the Commissioner, to obtain the appointment of Dimick B. Huntington, Capt. Geo. P. Dykes, John D. Lee and Levi Stewart to be sub=agents for Utah, or if not all these appointments, as many of the four as can be secured, and in the order named. My knowledge of your kind feelings towards the aborigines and of your anxiety for the welfare of our infant Territories urge me to respectfully solicit your influence & co-operation with General Fields and other friends in the accomplishment of the above named object.

I cannot avoid calling your attention to one other point which you cannot have failed to have pondered upon and deeply, viz, the anomalous condition of our Territorial organization, when compared with any form of government that will or ever has existed on the face of this earth We sensibly feel the inconviences of our position and earnestly desire the privilege of a state organization in the next Presidential Election, and you will confer a great favor on all the inhabitants of this Territory by using your influence for our attaining so desirable a position, at the earliest possible date, and a particular favor upon me personally if you will inform me from time to time, of the position of affairs,and the steps most proper for us to take to aid in any way State organization.

Craving your indulgence for the risk of annoyance,

I Remain
Most Respectfully,
Your obdt. Svt.

Brigham Young