1853 November 30 Letter to an undisclosed Brother


1853 November 30 Letter to an undisclosed Brother


Request payment for expenses incurred acquiring government property and recovering the deceased.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young




1853 November 30


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City, Nov. 30th, 1853.

Dear Brother,

I sent to you a detailed account of the Massacre of Captain J. W. Gunnison, and some of his party, which you will please show to President Pearce, and the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and if they wish to have it printed, it may be, otherwise you will exercise your own Judgement in the use of it.

Brevet Captain R. M. Morris refuses to pay Mr. D. B. Huntington & party for services rendered and expenses incurred in acquiring lost Government property, and bringing their dead, in accordance with my official instructions, given solely with a view to aid Captain Morris and without which, the dead would have remained unburied, and much government property unrecovered, and he further remarks, that it is the duty of the Indian Department to pay these Expenses, thereby putting me to the extra trouble to make out each separate bill with vouchers, and forward them, and causing the claimants to wait an unreasonable time for their Compensation, for the successful performance of Ordered duties; hence I enclose the bills for this affair, and wish you to present them to the Department, and press their being audited and allowed by the earliest practicable date, as a matter of Justice, and inform me of the result.

The November mail has not arrived. We are enjoying delightful weather & general health & prosperity.

I Remain as ever,
Your Brother in the Gospel of Salvation

Brigham Young