1853 October 31 Letter to Augustus Farnham


1853 October 31 Letter to Augustus Farnham


Response to a June 6th letter that briefly reports on the status of missions in China and Europe, Indian hostilities, walls being built around weak settlements and Temple Block, and the gathering of Saints to parts of California and Utah.


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Brigham Young


Augustus Farnham


1853 October 31


Great Salt Lake City
Sydney, New South Wales

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G. S. L. City Oct 31st 1853

Dear Brother,

Your letter of June 6th arrived duly, and I was extremely gratified to learn of your welfare and success, and thank the Lord for the blessings that have attended your labors, and the labors of your fellow servants in the Gospel in that distant region.

The Missionaries to China are on their way home, not having been able to accomplish much, so far as I have learned; and brothers Orson Spencer, and Jacob Houtz were expelled from Berlin in Prussia, without a hearing, and are now at home.  Our other Missions are in as prosperous condition as the peculiar views, and traditions of the people will permit, and though in France & Germany, the Governments are disposed to hinder entirely the spread of the Gospel, still the brethren are carefully and quietly winning their way.

I presume you have learned from the "News",  or in letters from your family, that Indian Walker, and his band have been some troublesome since last July, though quiet just at present, and may continue so.  In this affair several have been killed on both sides, and much stock has been driven off.

The weak settlements, which the Indians mostly annoy, are being strengthened up, and forts are built or nearly so, in all the settlements, and we have began to make a wall, 12 feet high, entirely around this City, with a sufficient ditch, and the necessary culverts and gates, which will prevent red, & white depredators from passing in and out without our knowledge.

Our, this year's immigration have all arrived without encountering any snow storms, and are mostly in good spirits, and generally located, or all soon will be.

Our crops have been abundant and are mostly secured, for which the continued fine weather has been very favorable.

The wall on the North, West, and half of the South lines of the Temple Block is ready for the coping stone, and iron railing; business generally both of a public & private nature is in a very prosperous condition.

The general health continues to be good, and the blessings of the Lord are extended to us in rich abundance.

On the subject of gathering, you are aware that the spirit and word to scattered Israel is, "come home to the Vallies of the Mountains, as fast as circumstances will permit."

Of course the Saints in New South Wales, and Countries adjacent will wend their way here, at every feasible opportunity, arranging, so far as possible, to land at San Diego, California, and those who prefer it, are at liberty to stop at San Bernardino, the remainder will continue their journey into the settlements of Utah.

Ever pleased to receive letters from you, and the brethren abroad upon Missions, and to give such counsel, from time, to time, as the spirit may dictate, and praying that <prosperity>may attend you in faithfulness.

I Remain
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young

Augustus Farnham Esqr.​​​             ​​
New South Wales