1853 October 31 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


1853 October 31 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


Response to an August 1st letter counseling Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich to sell their property, forward tithing funds, build city walls and fortify homes, as well as informing them of selling cattle in California and listing the names of those killed by Indians.


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Amasa Lyman
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1853 October 31


Great Salt Lake City

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G. S. L. City Oct. 31st 1853. 

Elders Lyman & Rich

Dear Brethren,

Your letter of August 1st came to hand by the last Mail, with cheering tidings of your temporal and spiritual prosperity, for which I thank the Lord, & acknowledge his hand, as in all things.

Uncontrolable circumstances have finally prevented my visiting your place, as I had anticipated; mainly attributable to an unusual press of public & private business, and the continued hostility of Walker and his band.

As I have heretofore suggested, I will again remind you that I deem it the best policy for you to lay off your city lots, and farming lands, as speedily as may be, and sell to the brethren, and actual settlers, for ready pay, until you clear off your liabilities for the purchase, and reserve the remainder for future counsel, and be careful to avoid selling to speculators, as far as possible.

You are already familiar with the great demands for means here at head quarters, and know how much the lack thereof tends to retard our operations in the most vital point, you will therefore govern yourselves accordingly, by forwarding the tithing funds, by the first, and every safe opportunity to as large an amount as you possibly can, even by using some extra exertion, if necessary.

It is immaterial to me whether you pay Bro Horner's tithing on the account of your indebtedness to him, or whether he pays it; that is for you & Bro Horner to arrange as you can agree, only I wish you to arrange it in that way that will soonest put me in possession of those means.

We are walling in this City, as you will learn by the 1st No of the "Deseret News," and I think you would do well to make early arrangements to Wall fort yours, and to counsel those who settle out upon their farms, to build as near together on their fitting corners as they can conveniently, that three or four houses might be near together.

It would also be well for those who build outside of the city to omit the windows in the lower stories of their houses, and make port holes instead, or if they make windows in that story, barricade them in a way to prevent the entrance of thieves and enemies.

I have written to Bro Horner to learn his terms for care and disposal in case we send stock from here to his ranch,, to be disposed of in the California Market, and in case any are sent out by the Southern route, I would like to know the chance and terms for ' recluiting at your place, should it be found necessary to do so at any time.

Since our last Letter to you, the Indians have waylaid and killed James Nelson, Wm. Reed, Wm. Lake, Thomas Clark, John E. Warner, Wm.  Mills, Fernly P. Tindrel, several Indians have also been killed, the particulars of which you will see in the "News." Just at present,the Indians are quiet, and keep out of the Way.

Our this Season's immigration have all arrived in safety, and are nearly all located in this City and the different Settlements.

Our Crops have been abundant, and are generally secured.

We are still blessed with general good health, and prosperity attends our public and private labors, the Public Works are making good progress; the City Wall is begun, and our weak settlements are strengthened.

Praying that the Spirit & blessings of the Lord may ever attend you, and all the Saints in faithfulness.

​I Remain
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young