1853 October 31 Letter to G. & C. Todd Co.


1853 October 31 Letter to G. & C. Todd Co.


A bill requesting various items such as cloth, burr stones, iron and wheat.


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Frederick Kesler


G. & C. Todd Co.


1853 October 31


Great Salt Lake City

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G. S. L. City U. T.  Oct. 31st 1853 

Messrs. G. C. Todd Co


I am engaged in fitting up Mills, and Machinery for His Excellency, Brigham Young. Governor of Utah Territory; and as an old dealer at your establishment, and anxious to procure the best articles, as per following bill, and knowing you to be good judges, I send to you with strong assurance, from former acquaintance, that you will not disappoint me in filling this bill with the very best articles of each kind.

6  Yards  No. 8.​  Bolting Cloth

18    "​       "​  9.     ​       "          "

10    "       "​  7.     ​       "          "

6     "       "​  2.     ​       "          "

1  Dozn   heavy Mill Stone Picks

2     "     Common sized  "         "

1     "     Light         ​        "         "

1 Run of 4 feet Burr Stones, extra strong banded, but not backed, nor the iron hoop for the backing put on.  Iron enough, of the right kind, to make the hoop for the backing.  We have excellent plaster here for backing, and leaving it off will save freight.

Let the eye through the Runner be 9 inches in diameter, and that through the Bed Stone 8 1/2 inches square.  Our wheat is hard and flinty, hence I wish you to select the White, hard and close grained blocks, and let them all be of as uniform a quality as both stones, as possible, and let the Blocks around the eyes be particularly hard, as our wheat has many fine quartz pebbles in it, which the fanning Mill and Smut Machine does not clean out.

We are anxiously waiting the time when the Pacific Rail Road will be finished, and we be able to procure the above, and many other necessary articles from your Market with much less trouble and expense.

General Horace S. Eldredge who will hand for this bill, will attend to the payment.

Hoping that my expectations will not be disappointed in the quality of any of the articles.

I Remain
Respectfully your Friend
signed   F. Kesler