1853 August 10 Letter to Peter W. [Conover]


1853 August 10 Letter to Peter W. [Conover]


Instructions not to follow the Indians into the mountains but to appease and seek a treaty with Sartielle.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Peter W. [Conover]


1853 August 10


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, Augt. 10, 1853

Col. Peter W. [?]

Dear Sir.

Your Express letter, dated 9th inst. arrived this morning at 9 O,clock
It is not best at present to follow any Indians into the mountains as that course would only tend to increase their fears.

Instruct the inhabitants of your District, when they see a few Indians, to take a prudent course to conciliate their friendship upon every favorable opportunity.

It will probably be good policy if Sartielle does not come in soon, or in the course of a few days, to try to get some friendly Indian or Indians to go to him and explain the circumstances which happened at Springville, and try to induce him to come in again, and make a treaty.

I Remain as ever
Your Friend & Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young

P. S.

If they do get Speech with
Sartielle, tell him that <we> would
like for him to come here, for
we would like to talk with him.