1853 October 31 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


1853 October 31 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


Brigham Young addresses a protested draft submitted by William Howard, drafts in favor of David Boman, Mrs. Jab. Wardrope and Samuel Stanford, a letter mentioning the death of Willard Snow, the year’s immigration, and funds for next season’s emigration.




Brigham Young


Samuel W. Richards


1853 October 31


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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G. S. L. City.  Oct. 31st 1853.

Bro Samuel.

Brother William Howard has arrived, and has arranged his protested Draft in such a manner, as leaves him to see to it himself.

On List No 1. headed,"Emigration--outfit for the Plains," and dated Jany 7th 1853. I find 42 numbers, and in the Total column £ 2013.  10.0; on another similar sheet from your Office, dated April 8th 1853.  I find 56 numbers, and in the Total column £ 2748.10.0 leaving a difference of £ 735.0.0($3555.05) which Bro J. C. Haight says, he did not receive, and the account cannot be finally closed until we understand from you how it is.

Bro David R. Evans has paid me $8.00, and the per centage for a Draft which I have given on you, payable at sight, in favor of David Boman of Llanelly, South Wales, which you will honor, without discount.

Please send me a pair of Gold bowed spectacles, in a fitting case, and the same kind as you sent me before, except that I wish the bows to be square cornered.

Yesterday's mail brought to hand your written account of the death of Elder Willard Snow, a copy of Star No 37. Septr. 10th, and a private communication, all enclosed in one envelope.

Our this year's immigration arrived in safety, and without encountering any snow Storms, and are all located for the winter; and the majority manifest gratitude, and delight at reaching this peaceful home of the Saints.

Our public and private business, is in a very prosperous condition, general health prevails, and we continue to enjoy the rich spiritual & temporal blessings of the Lord and strive to walk worthy thereof.

The Indians are quiet at present, and may continue so.

Praying for your prosperity in faithfulness.

​I Remain
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young

Elder S. W. Richards
15 Wilton Street


P. S.
Use all the funds possible to forward the emigration next
season, as previously advised, and <do> not send any more books until
advised, except those that I ordered.
B. Y.


N. B.

Bro John Shenalt, a deaf and dumb brother, wishes you to learn, whether he can obtain the money due him from his cousin, William Speakman, living at Salford, England, without the expense of going there for it, and if so, how he will have to proceed.

I have drawn a draft on you for $10. payable at sight in favor of Mrs. Jab. Wardrope, Stewartown, Argyleshire, Scotland, also drawn on you for $10. payable at sight, in favor of Samuel Stanford, Dudley Port, Staffordshire, England, which you will please pay according to their face, as the Commission on them has been paid here

B. Y.