1853 October 31 Letter to Orson Pratt


1853 October 31 Letter to Orson Pratt


Brigham Young agrees he should turn over Government business to Doctor Bernhisel, and addresses the purchase and delivery of Hymn Books from St Louis.




Brigham Young


Orson Pratt


1853 October 31


Great Salt Lake City
Washington City, D.C.

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G. S. L. City  Oct. 31st 1853.

Dear Brother

Yours of September l0th. arrived on the 30th inst. and the contents are noted.

Your views are correct with regard to turning over my business with the Government into the hands of Doctor Bernhisel.

Bro Horace S. Eldredge, will attend to forwarding the Hymn Books &c from St. Louis, and I wish them to be forwarded to St. Louis in time for Bro Eldredge to forward them to us next season.

For procuring the Hymn Books, &c, you have had $1000 of my salary, $1000 from Dr. Bernhisel, $1500 & $500 from the Texas brethren; I have the notes you gave Dr Bernhisel in my possession, and the other notes are here, and I have part paid one in advance, and they will all be paid at maturity; I mention this, that you need borrow no trouble about them.

In case this $4000. does not land the books in St. Louis, you are at liberty to call on Dr. Bernhisel for the deficiency.

If the books are not shipped before you can write to Bro Samuel, I wish you to be sure, & have them insured across the Ocean, and up to St. Louis, and let them be accompanied with a full bill of items of their expense, that when they arrive, I can know the whole cost.

Bros. Orson Spencer and Jacob Houtz have returned home and are well.  

The Indians have been quiet for a short time past and may continue so.  

The Emigration has arrived without encountering snow; the majority are full of gratitude at reaching home, and are well located for the winter.

Our Crops have been abundant, and are mostly secured; the weather continues to be unusually mild, and pleasant, and prosperity attends us, both spiritually and temporally.

Praying for your continued welfare. 

I Remain
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young

Prof Orson Pratt​​​​​
Washington City
D. C.