1853 August 20 Special Orders and Instructions to James Ferguson


1853 August 20 Special Orders and Instructions to James Ferguson


Orders to raise 50 men to aid the Marshall and to quell Indian hostilities by seeking out friendly relations, arrest persons furnishing guns and ammo to the Indians, recover stolen property and sustaining the Laws.


Nauvoo Legion


Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells


James Ferguson


1853 August 20

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Nauvoo Legion
Indian Relations

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Great Salt Lake City Aug[st] 20th 1853

Executive's Office Department Indian Affairs
Special Orders and instructions
to Major Ferguson Commanding
Battalion Minute Men

Sir, You will raise from your command fifty Men fully equipped for service with rations for twenty days and proceed Eastwardly taking in your route, Fort Bridger and Green River aiding The United States <and Territorial> Marshall if need be in the Execution of certain processes which he is directed to execute by the United States Court of the first Judicial District of said Territory.

You will provide yourself with two or three good spy Glasses and keep a vigilent Lookout that you be not taken in ambush or surprised by the Indians It is not known that the Shoshone Indians are hostile you will therefore bespeak them, if possible, and exchange friendly Tokens with them To effect this Purpose you will provide yourself with some Presents and be cautious in your movements not to create any unnecessary alarm. You will also persue a similar course of Policy if you should chance to fall in with Sowiette and his band who are also supposed to be friendly arrest any and all Persons engaged in furnishing Indians with Guns or Ammunition. You will also take into your charge all such guns and ammunition and spill upon the ground any and all spirituous liquors that you shall find in or about the premises You will also rout from their lurking Places any and all hostile bands of Indians and seek to recover the property which they have taken from the whites and sustain and enforce the Laws of the United States and generally do and perform all such necessary and prudent things as shall be best calculated to quell the Indian hostilities now unfortunately existing, taking good care to preserve in your camp order and decorum cleanliness and sobriety keep an accurate account of all you receive and of your disbursements and all your doings herein and make a full report upon your return and in the meantime keep this office advised of all important occurences.

Respectfully Yours

Brigham Young
Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs
& Commander in Chief of the Militia

P. S. You are at liberty to take the twelve pound Howitzer with you in which case Capt. Tanner of the Artillery will be detailed to accompany you

Daniel H. Wells
Lieut General Commanding
Nauvoo Legion