September 1835


September 1835


Brigham Young serves a proselytizing mission in the Eastern States. He visit his grandmother and extended family in Hopkinton, Massachusetts before returning to Kirtland.




September 1835


Brigham Young


Rhode Island
New York
Kirtland, Ohio

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2-3 September 1835 • Wednesday-Thursday 

wensday we returned to dover thursday Sept 3 I make this record I have traveled three hundred miles sence last record [[p. 24]] Sept <the> 3 1835 I have traveled this seson 21.55 from may 4 [1835] to this day 

26 September 1835 • Saturday 

 K  Kirtland Sept the 26 1835 I have traveled sece my last record and now their is to be added 1.1.14 making in all 32.69 [[p. 23]] 

[Book turned over and following text starts with first insert] 

3-8 September 1835 • Thursday-Tuesday 

Sept 3 th 1835  I now continue my reccord from my other book Sept 4 [1835] Elder Hale broaght ous Elders T. Marsh P. Pratt and my self to Bradford whare we found the frends all well Father Boyington was preparing to move to Kirtland we startted from Brother Holms on Satterday the 5 [Sep] a quartter past twelve in the morning <for Boston> we taried in Boston til monday, and I went then to Hopkinton went to Ne<er>miah Howes where I was recived with much rejoiceing I found Granmother alive and [[p. 1]] comforttible well for heir she exsprest grate joy for the privilege of seeing one of mother[s] children once more I arived their about half past eight in the morning I tared their that day and night the next day I went to unkel Parkers and found them all well that was alive they had bered two girls I spent the day, their aunt Patty Mors came their in the afternoon and staid all night 

9-12 September 1835 • Wednesday-Saturday 

wensday the 9 I auntsy Mors and Parker went down to see gran mother I went d[o]wn and [[p. 2]] that night and the next morning I started fore Providence on the rail rode called at Boston arived in Providence at 4 P.M and found the Brothering well and in <good> sperits and to my grate Joy I found Brother Greene their, this record made this 11 day of sept at Brother Egars Brother greene and my self tarred in Providence and a bout their till monday the 14 I Preached at North Providence on saterday the 12  I [stayed] the night before at Brother Egars in the Citty of Providence here the Brotherin helped me so that I got me an over coat which I neded [[p. 3]] 

14-26 September 1835 • Monday-Saturday 

Sep <the>14 this day B[rother] J P. Greene and my self was agoing to start on the 4 oclock Boat for New York and Brother John Boyington Came to ous here and bore ous compney home, we took the steame Boat for New York and the next morning about I 9 oclock A.M. we arived their we taried till the next morn for a steam Boat for albony we arived at albony we arived at Albany about 8 P.M. we thir took supper and went acrost on the rail rode to Schenectady and thire we took a boat for Bubalow [sic] we had good lock and arived and their the 22 in the afternoon about 4 P.M. theire tenn met together and went from [[p. 4]] there home to gether we started the 24 day of Sep we went as far as dunkirk and going in to the harber the s[t]eam boat United Stats that we was on struck a rock and started the Boat aleeking and we got in to Erie harber and they ran the Boat on to the sanbar and their we lay till the next morning we had to tarry till evening the steam Boat Gov Marcey Came from Bubfulow [Buffalo] and we went aboard, and a Satterday morning [26 Sep] we arived at Fair Port arived home in the for noon found our fameules well and all the Brothering. I Brother P H Young came to ous in Bufulow Brother,s J P. G - P H Y left ous in bufulow for Kirtland [[p. 5]]