May 1833


May 1833


Brigham Young serves a proselytizing mission in rural New York and southern Canada.




30 April 1833- 31 May 1833


Brigham Young


New York
Ontario, Canada

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Missionary Work

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30 April-1 May 1833 • Tuesday-Wednesday 

1833 Apriel 30  Started for Canaday went to Palmiria [Palmyra] took a bote went to Lyonds [Lyons] Spent the 1 day of may with the Brotherin 

2 May 1833 • Thursday 

thirsday 2 Preached at Brother Drowns and the Lord pord out his spiret apon the Peaple and I had good liberty in speaki<n>g 

3 May 1833 • Friday 

friday the 3 Baptized 6 held a prair meting in the Evening and then Prached to them 

4-5 May 1833 • Saturday-Sunday 

4 went to Sodas [Sodus] and the next morning Baptized 2 a sunday the same day returned to Lyonds held meting at Brother Drowns had a good time 

6 May 1833 • Monday 
6 left Lyonds for Aurilius [Aurelius]- held a meting on the 7 day evening mothe[r] was sick - 

6 May 1833 • Monday 

may the 6 [1833]  I Baptized Sharlott Bond in Mendon. 

8 May 1833 • Wednesday 

8 preached at 4 P.M. about 1 mild west of Troopsvill [Troupesville] I spoke from Jen 48-& 49 Dut 33 Iz 11 Eze 37 [[p. 3]] 

9 May 1833 • Thursday 

9 day of May held a meting at the brick Chool house west of Clarks vill [Clarksville]

10 May 1833 • Friday  

10 left Aurrilius went to cambius took dinner at E. Pr. D. Watters put up in the town of Granby at Tinkin,s 

11 May 1833 • Saturday 

11  went to Brother <James> [added in pencil in another hand] Lakes put up for the day preached in the evening at the new chool house 

12 May 1833 • Sunday 

12 Sunday preached 9.o.c. A.m. at the new chool house and at 3. p.m. north chool house put up at Brothers Wm Drapers the presence of the Lord was with me. 

13 May 1833 • Monday 

13 monday wee left Brother Drapers took dinner at the widow Williams then took [[p. 4]] our Jerney stade at Mexecoe [Mexico, NY] at Morton Tavern 

14 May 1833 • Tuesday 

14  went to watterton [Watertown] cald at c coson Morton stade at D[..]t Greenes they ware all well at Both placees 

15 May 1833 • Wednesday 

15  went from peattertown [Watertown] to Indin River falls [Indian River Falls] to Ira Patton 

16 May 1833 • Thursday  

16 found Brother David Patant in good sperits preached at the chool house in the vilige at 6 ocl[o]ck P.M. 

17 May 1833 • Friday 

17  taried at Ira Patten and Preached at half past five P.M. and Brother David Patton spoke after me 

18-19 May 1833 • Saturday 

18 sat[urday] preached at Bats inn at 4 p.m. and a sunday <19> preached at Shantyvill at 10 A.M [[p. 5]] and in the after part of the day preached at the Parker Choole house 

20 May 1833 • Monday 

20 monday morning Baptized 7 seven  and then <brorthering> left the place <in good sperits> for the north and stoped in the town of govunar [Gouverneur] and found Joseph T. Works in tolarable helth 

21 May 1833 • Tuesday 

21 left the plase for Ogdensburg cold at Depayster left J. T. Works at coson F[e]llows went to Ogdensburg crost the river to Prscot [Prescott] that nite 

22 May 1833 • Wednesday  

22  took the steam boat great Britton landed at Kingston and from their to Brother James Lukes [Lakes?] found them all well and in good sperits [[p. 6]] 

26 May 1833 • Sunday 

Sunday May 26 1833  preached at Brother Myrics barn at 10 oclok, and at 4 P.M. at Brother J. Lakes held aprare meting 

27 May 1833 • Monday 

27 monday went to Loburro [Loughborough] had a prair meting in the evning, found the Brotherin in good helth and in good sperits their has been 17 Seventeen Baptized sence Brother Joseph and I left heir 

29 May 1833 • Wednesday 

29 wensday held a meting at Brother Daniel Wood,s at 3 oClock P.M. 

30 May 1833 • Thursday 

30 thursday went to Brother N. Lake held a meting at one o clock had good liberty in preaching 

31 May 1833 • Friday 

31 preached at 1 o.c. P.M. at Brother Wm Draper,s [[p. 7]]