July 1833


July 1833


Brigham Young travels from Kingston, Ontario to Kirtland, OH. He returns home to see his children and preaches throughout rural New York.




1-28 July 1833


Brigham Young


Ontario, Canada
New York

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1-11 July 1833 • Monday-Thursday

July 1 <the> - 1833 Brother J. Lake and his famely and my self started for the ohio - N. Fellers and D.Lukes and A. Lake acompened us to Kingston wee then took the steam boat grate Briton and a fridiamorning <the 6> wee landed at the head of the Lak[e] [[p. 11]] we then took wagons and went to Bafalow [Buffalo, NY] and wee had a good and safe Jorney and then wee put the goods and apart of the famely on board of the steam boat and J. Lake and his whife and the rest of the famely and my self went by land and a thursday [11 July 1833] about 10 oclock wee arived at Curtland [Kirtland] and found the famely and goods safe arived and found all the Brotherin well and in good sperits and found Brother Basley and Brother Avrey and Brother Knobles their-- 

14 July 1833 • Saturday  

a Satday Brother Bosley and I. went to Charadon [[p. 12]] I. Preached in the town of Charadon [Chardon, OH] at 10 A.M to acrouded Congration and the[n] returned to Curtlan 

15-20 July 1833 • Monday-Saturday

on Manday 15 - 1833 left Curtlan for mendon Brother Booth and Mr Murrey brought, Brother Bosleyand B. Knobles, D. and J. Wood and my slef [self] to Fair Port and Mr Murrey and Brother Booth returned back to Curtlan and wee tarred the next day at 3. P.M. and then took the steam Boat Ohio and landed in Bufulow awensday [17 July] at 12 oclock and tarred a the stagehouse till 10 P.M. [[p. 13]] and then took the Stag for Avan [Avon] and arived at Brother Eber Wilcox a thursday a bout 12 oclock and attended meting at Brother Bosleys and found the Brotherin all well an in good sperits - a satterday [20 July] went to Brother Bonds in Mendon and found them all well 

21 July 1833 • Sunday  

21 Preached at Brother Ira Bonds to a large - congre[g]ation and Baptized one and then returned to Brother H. Kimbel-- 

25 July 1833 • Thursday  

thursday 25 Brother H. K and J. Young and my self started for Lyondstown [Lyons] we arived their safe and found the [[p. 14]] Brotherin all well and in good sperits 

26 July 1833 • Friday

26 wee went to Aurilius [Aurelius] after my Children and found them and mother Works famely well 

27 July 1833 • Saturday  

saterday 27 returned to Lyonds 

28 July 1833 • Sunday  

28 Sunday at 10 A.m.- I. Preached to a large congregation had a good tim and liberty in speaking