September 1833


September 1833


Brigham Young and his brother Joseph preach in and around Lyons, New York. He marries Jonathan Hampton to Julia Foster and returns home at the end of the month.




1 September 1833 - 17 September 1833


Brigham Young


New York

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1 September 1833• Sunday 

Sept 1 <the> 1833  Preached in the town of Lyonds [Lyons] at 10 A.M. to a large congration and again at 4 P.M. and the presents of the Lord was with us 

2 September 1833 • Monday  

2 Preached at the Jefferes Choolhouse in the evening to a large congration  Staed with Brother Drown 

3 September 1833 • Tuesday 

3 tusday Preached at the Tailor Chool house in the evening to a large congration Staed with Brother Dickson on over nite [[p. 18]] 

4 September 1833 • Wednesday  

Sept 4[th] 1833 an Elder of the Church of <Christ> - Bee it knone to all persons that I. Brigham Young have Mareid Jonathan Hampton and Julia Foster acording to the lawes of the State of New York in the Presents of Abigal Foster Orson Foster and Trew Glitton - held a meting in the evening [On a loose slip of paper is the note: "Jonathan Hampton Aged 22 years  Julia Foster Aged 21 years"] 

5 September 1833 • Thursday  

5 Brorther Joseph Young came to Lyonds which rejoised my hart wee held a meting in the evening at the Stone Choole house and Staed at Brother Van Dikes 

6 September 1833 • Friday  

6  fredia wee went to Brothers T Powers in Sodas [Sodus] held a meting in the evening 

7 September 1833 • Saturday  

7  went to Brother Dealin,s. [[p. 19]] 

8 September 1833 • Sunday 

Sept 8[th] 1833  Brother Joseph and I held a meting at the F[u]lkins Choolhouse at and 10 a m and then at 4 P.M - at the G S. Granger Chool house to [a] large and Attive [attentive] congregatian  Staied whith Brother Granger 

9 September 1833 • Monday 

9 Preached at the Choole house in Brants Setlemen[t] Staed whith Brant over nite 

10 September 1833 • Tuesday  

10  held meting at Con- Norton choolhouse 

11 September 1833 • Wednesdsay  

11  held meting at Brother Granger Chool house 

12 September 1833 • Thursday  

12 held meting at the New Chool house nere Joh[n]son Black Smith Shop - 

13 September 1833 • Friday 

13  went to Lyonds [[p. 20]] found them all well held meting at nite 

14 September 1833 • Saturday 

14  Satterday went to Butlar [Butler] found Mr Votes Peaple well wee ware recived as frends by the fameley Brother J. Hampton went with us from Lyonds, wee Preched to quite a congration and they ware verry attentive - I beleve that the word took affect 

15 September 1833 • Sunday  

15 Sunday wee Preched at 10 A.M. and then at 5 P.M. and the word of truth sunk in to their harts 

16 September 1833 • Monday  

16  wee then returned to Lyonds then took the Canal for home 

17 September 1833 • Tuesday 

17 about 11.o.c. A M  Brother Joseph and I arived at Brother Morton,s found them all well and my little girls ware well [[p. 21]] 

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22 September 1833 • Sunday  

s[eptember]. 22 [1833] I Baptized Eliza Jane Pharcher in Arvon. [[remainder of p. 2 blank]]