1854 March 24 Letter to Bishop Cross


1854 March 24 Letter to Bishop Cross


Counsel to trade fairly with the Indians on behalf of his ward members.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Bishop Cross


1854 March 24


Great Salt Lake City
Payson, Utah County


Indian Affairs
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Great Salt Lake City, Mar 24th 1854.

Dear brother,

As several in your Settlement wish to trade with the Indians and the Indians wish to trade with them upon fair and friendly terms, I have concluded to give you the privilege to trade with the Indians in your neighborhood for the citizens in your ward. I take this course because I am aware that such trade requires much prudence & judgment, and I presume you will be able to manage the matter as it should be, and for the benefit and satisfaction of both parties. In your deal with the red men you will be careful to trade them but very little ammunition at any one time, & as few guns as possible; in short, conduct the business as much like a father, equally to both white and red men, as your judgment may dictate, and oblige

Your brother in the Covenant.
Brigham Young

Bishop Cross
Utah County.

P. S. Should the bearer, Mun-gun,gerch, or any of the Indians in your midst wish to raise grain you will please extend them such aid which it may be proper, as they will be apt to work better for themselves than for you, this would benefit them, and it will equally relieve us from the expense of their support probably at a cheaper rate.