1854 March 2 Letter to Samuel P. Hoyt


1854 March 2 Letter to Samuel P. Hoyt


Brigham appoints a Branch President and recommends William Wall for Major in the Nauvoo Legion. He advises compact farming for increased safety.


Nauvoo Legion


Brigham Young


Samuel P. Hoyt


1854 March 2


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore City


Nauvoo Legion
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Great Salt Lake City, March 2nd, 1854.

Bro. Saml. P. Hoyt
and the citizens of Fillmore City

Dear brethren.

It would have gratified me much for you to have been sufficiently united to agree upon your officers among yourselves, and to sustain those who were appointed.

This not being the case, and petitions having reached me from your city desiring certain changes in officers at that place, and as I ever feel ready to listen to the expressed views of the people upon those subjects which concern them, I have examined the matter and recommend, and appoint Ray to be the President of that branch of the church located in Millard County, and advise you to elect Capt. William Wall, Major in the Nauvoo Legion, which will give him the command of the military force in that District.

In voting for the men named, it would please me to have your vote unanimous, thus showing your union and your full compliance, on your own part, with the result of your voluntary petitions; and should you elect them, I sincerely hope you will efficiently sustain the officers of your choice by your earnest faith and works, that officers and members may be of mutual and cordially united benefit, in which course alone there is permanent safety and blessings to both parties. My advice to you in your farming operations this season, is that you accommodate each other so far as possible in the present big field, and at any rate not to leave the waters of chalk creek, and make your farming land as compact as possible, to save expense and guarding.

Praying for your union & prosperity in the path of Righteousness,
I Remain Your brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young