1854 April 1 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


1854 April 1 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


Brigham sends an update on Indian affairs and validates the authority of the Elders to call missionaries, establish a High Council and apportion city lots. Brigham requests that Harvey Green pay his debt.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


1854 April 1


Great Salt Lake City
San Bernardino, California

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Indian Affairs
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Great Salt Lake City, April 1st, 1854.

Dear brethren,

Yours of March 11th came safe to hand, on the 31st, ult. also a confidential letter of same date.

General news remains much as at our last dates to you, except that Indian Walker has come in to Fillmore City, and Major Bedell and bro. D. B. Huntington have gone there to have a talk with him according to his request. He professes a desire for lasting peace, and Peteetneet has also sent in his desire to come in and dwell with us, and learn to build houses, raise grain, &c., and from all present indications our troubles with our red neighbors are at an end for a time. We are still in the continued enjoyment of the rich blessings of the Lord, and the people are now busily occupied in the various seasonable out door operations, such as plowing, sowing, planting, laboring on the Temple block and City walls, &c &c.

As to the movements of the lower, or general outer world, you are doubtless better posted, so far as the prints of the day are concerned than I am. You are doubtless aware that the authority of your Presidency extends to sending any person on a mission who resides within your jurisdiction, and in fine to doing with persons and things as you may be moved upon by the Spirit; hence I can see no reason why you need suffer any particular inconveniences, to any greater extent than is required of us. In regard to City lots, I wish you to make such disposition of them as you think best, at any rate until the amount of the purchase is paid up, and then should you see fit to reserve any lots for me, or the Church, I shall feel obliged, though I do not pretend to any claim upon lots there.

I have counseled the brethren on the Sandwich Islands to gather at some place there until some other way shall open.

If you have not yet attended to it, I wish you would select some suitable persons and organize a High Council in San Bernardino.

At the earliest convenient opportunity I wish you to organize a branch at bro Horner's place, lay off a city site on such of his land as may be most suitable therefor, if he has no objection, and notify those who may prefer to do so to gather there.

This is designed for a link in fully carrying out certain propositions that I intend to present for the consideration of the saints at the next conference on the 6th inst.

Please inform Harvey Green that he must not fail to pay E. Reese & Co. on their return the draft I gave them on him for his family have had assistance on my acct to that amount, and evon much more, and I do not feel in anywise obligated personally to support his family, but want him to act like a man and provide for them; if he does not I want him to understand that he can not have my fellowship, & I shall take up his case and look into it.

Notwithstanding general good health prevails, as heretofore still
now and then a saint lays his body down to rest for a season, and on the 11th of March at 9 1/2 A M, our beloved and well proved brother Willard
Richards ceased his labors in this time, and his Spirit has passed behind the vail.

Exercise your best judgment and efforts, even to using tithing ing means and labor, to finish up your payments for the land you purchased, and as soon as you are free of debt, then I will give you instructions how to apply your tithing.

Ever praying for your welfare, I remain your brother in the Covenant.
Brigham Young

Elders Amasa Lyman
and Charles C. Rich
San Bernardino