1854 April 28 Letter to Orson Hyde


1854 April 28 Letter to Orson Hyde


Brigham provides information supporting J. Miller's testimony in order to stop a law suit.




Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1854 April 28


Great Salt Lake City


Legal Matters

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G. S. L. City, April 28. 1854

Bro. Orson Hyde,

The bearer of this, Mr. J. Miller, has just called upon me, and informs me that he is sued by Chas White, before H. Gibbs Justice of the Peace (17 March) for use of herd ground, and alleged damage to a hay stack. The hay stack damage I know nothing about, but the herd ground I do. Mr. Miller called upon me last Fall and wished to know where he could go and herd a few sheep and cattle until he got ready to pursue his journey this Spring. I told him to go into the neighborhood of Black Rock as no one had any herding, or building rights or claims there but the Church, and if any one interrupted or questioned his being there, I told him to refer them to me, as the Church has all the right (of the nature claimed) to that region of country.

As to the hay stack damage, Mr. Miller says that White has never presented him any claim for such damage, and the first he knew of it was from reading it in the complaint, and alleges that he was and is ready to pay any such damage as his animals may have caused, without the trouble and expense of a law suit.

So far as I know Mr. Miller, I coincide with Bro Rowberry's testimony of his character.

You will oblige me by attending to this case for Mr Miller who says the trial is before Bro. Gibbs at 2 O'clock P. M. of the 29th inst (tomorrow), and stop all suit in the matter if possible.

Your Brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young