1854 June 18 Letter to George W. Bradley, et al.


1854 June 18 Letter to George W. Bradley, et al.


Securing the harvest is priority but Brigham encourages peaceful talk and gift giving with the Indians.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


George W. Bradley
Brethren at Nephi


1854 June 18


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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June 18/54

Major Geo. W. Bradley &

Brethren at Nephi,

Dear Brethren, Your Express of yesterday arrived this evening about 8 Oclock, which still discloses rather a threatening aspect in relation to our Indian affairs.

As Walker has gone to Sanpete, it may not be in your power to have another talk with him, but if you could, I would like to have you ask him, what he & the Utes, if they would sell their lands, and if so, what they would take for it.

We shall send two men back with this express, and desire to have them convey information in relation to Bros. Bean, Rockwell & Neff, and the result of their intercourse with Walker. Without delay, I wish to have a few men from Nephi accompanying them to Walker's Camp, unless they have returned by the time they arrive at your place.

To you, and to all, I wish to say, be ready and on the look-out. Tell the Indians that we do not wish to fight, and prevail upon them all you can to remain and be peaceable; but if they will go off with Walker, & be determined on hostilities, they will not find it peace another spring like they have this.

We still insist that it is better to give them cattle and provisions than to have them take or drive them away, without our knowledge, or consent. Be patient and long suffering. The lord will over-rule all for the best.
By all means secure your harvest, when it shall be ready. In all your movements, keep this object steadily in view, to secure your harvest, that you may not lack bread, in case of prolonged hostilities, which are however to be avoided if possible.

I do not feel in the least discouraged in regard to these Indians. We must be friends, and have peace with them, and although we may have to pass through difficulties with them before we can attain our object, yet it must, and will be attained. Israel must be at peace with each other, and if we do not consider our ways, and so order our feelings, and our course and conduct toward them. We may yet see the time, when we will be obliged to live with them for the simple reason that we can live no where else.
Ever praying God my heavenly Father to guide and protect you.

I Remain

Your Brother in the Gospel of Christ

Brigham Young

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