1854 June 29 Letter to Captain Walker [Walkara]


1854 June 29 Letter to Captain Walker [Walkara]


Brigham sends items to Captain Walker and counsels him and his people to seek peace and treat the settlers with kindness.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Captain Walker [Walkara]


1854 June 29


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City June 29th, 1854.

Captain Walker,

We send Bros. James Bean, Calvin More, & Abram Hatch with the things you wished me to send to you. I hope that they will suit you. I am always willing to do anything I can for you; but you talk so crooked that I cannot always understand what you <do> want.
I was glad to hear what you told Bro Bradley, that was good, and I want you to talk good all the time, and tell all the Indians to be good too, I do not want to have my people abuse them, nor I do not want the Indians to be ugly, saucy, & act ugly, and bad to my people, and if they do not my people will treat them well. Have not I always treated you well, and talked one way to you, will you do just as I do, and then all your people will feel better, and wont be so impudent and act so ugly, and then my people will not abuse them.

I want to be a Brother to you, and all the Utes, all the time if you will only let me. I shall always be ready to accommodate and furnish trade for you when I can, and you may rely upon my friendship if you will only be friends, & make the Utes friendly too, and they will be friendly if you talk strait and good to them.

I Remain
Your Friend

Brigham Young

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1854 June 18 Letter to George W. Bradley, et al.