1853 November 16 Letter to ‘Brother and Sister Howes’


1853 November 16 Letter to ‘Brother and Sister Howes’


Daniel H. Wells admonishes Brother and Sister Howes to provide living assistance to their Mother and Mother-in-law who has been receiving assistance from the Church.




Daniel H. Wells


Brother and Sister Howes


1853 November 16


Great Salt Lake City



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G. S. L. City, Nov. 16th, 1853

Bro & Sister Howes.

Your Mother, and Mother-in-law called upon me this morning for some assistance in the way of living.  Now it certainly appears singular, that an aged and infirm"old Lady" should be thrown upon the Charity of the Church, when she has a daughter and son in Law in Comfortable circumstances, whose duty to say nothing of the kind love and regard that should exercise their feelings, towards an infirm parent sufficient for her support.

I am instructed by the President to say to you that if you do not take care of her as she should be, according to your circumstances, to bring the case before the High Council, and charge you for what we let her have, and also what she has had.

You are aware, that you can get anything that you need at the Tithing office, on account, and if you are not able to carry it home, it can be delivered to you at your house.

Hoping that we may not hear anything more of this nature from this source.
I Remain
​Very truly
Your Friend and Brother in the Gospel
Daniel H. Wells

P. S.​​​​​​
I have given $2.00 to-day,​​​​
to her on your account.
D. H. W.