1854 July 18 Letter to James Brown


1854 July 18 Letter to James Brown


Counsel to Brown to accept an invitation by the Shoshones to live among them as it would provide opportunities for good.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


James Brown


1854 July 18


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City, July 18th, 1854.

James Brown 3rd

Dear Brother,

I understand that the main Chief of the Shoshones has invited you to go unto his wickeup, and live with him; to go where he goes, and identify your interest with his. Now this is the very thing to do, and is what I expected more or less of the Mission would have been able to accomplished before this time, this is the very spirit and intention of the Mission, and if it can be carried into General effect, two years will not elapse before we shall be able to control all the nation.

Witness the influence Ryan has attained among them by his close association, and becoming so well acquainted with their language, as not only to understand them, but be understood by them, a difficulty which we have never yet been able to overcome.

Bro Brown, you now have an opportunity of doing a good work. We have long labored among the natives on the Pacific Islands, and these to obtain an influence among them. Indians are of the same blood and lineage as them. These are in our midst, and approachable, while those are far distant, and many obstacles intervene to hinder the work in those Islands. Now is the time to work with Israel at home, and the way will gradually open for those who are more distant as the Kingdom progresses among the nations. we should not overlook the work in our midst. I feel to rejoice that this chief has made this request, and wish that you should by all means comply with it, for it has come from the inspiration of the Lord, and you will be blest in fulfilling it. This is my counsel and the inspiration which is in me, says Amen to it.

Praying Israel's God to sustain and guide you in wisdom.

I Remain as ever
Very truly your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young