1854 September 4 Letter to Lydia Williams


1854 September 4 Letter to Lydia Williams


Concerns Lydia's request for a bill from her estranged husband, Thomas S. Williams, and a likely unsubstantiated claim on his property.




Brigham Young


Lydia Williams


September 4 1854


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Disputes

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Great Salt Lake City
Sept 4th, 1854.

Sister Lydia Williams,

Your letter of the 2nd. inst is at hand, and its contents have been considered.  In reply I have to suggest that so far as I know you wished for a bill from Thomas S. Williams during his absence, and I counseled you to remain until Thomas returned.  Since his return I am told he wishes you to continue to be his wife, but that you will not even speak to him.  If these items are correct, you will understand at once that you have no property claim on Thomas of the kind you mention.  Should you still wish a bill, it will be well for you to attend to it when Thomas is at home, as it will not be given when he is absent.    In case this reply does not meet your views it will be best for you and Thomas to agree upon some time, and call on me together, for it is tedious, and unsatisfactory to listen to discrepant statements from different individuals at different times.

Your brother in the Gospel.