1854 September 30 Letter to Milo Andrus


1854 September 30 Letter to Milo Andrus


Counsel given to Milo Andrus, and references made about Bro. Empy’s business transactions, insurance and storage due on machinery, two parcels of hymn books, and a small Steam Engine for Brigham Young’s boat.




Brigham Young


Milo Andrus


1854 September 30


Great Salt Lake City
St. Louis, Missouri

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Great Salt Lake City, Sept. 30. 1854.  

Elder Milo Andrus,
St Louis

Dear Brother,  Yours of Aug. 17th was received by mail on the 28th inst. and I can realize your position in the midst of so much strive and wickedness   though you are doubtless fully aware of the necessity for some one to be on hand to stem the tide on behalf of the inexperienced Saints in that place, at least so long as the gathering goes on in its present channels.  Again, it is immaterial as to the conduct and moves of others so long as a saint is at the post of duty and is walking kindly and faithfully before the Lord, for in such cases he will rejoice exceedingly, even tho' surrounded by abominations and sore trials.  With reference to bro. Empy's business transactions, at St Louis, he has not yet arrived, and when he does he will probably attend to his own affairs.  As to the insurance and storage due on the machinery, the press of business by this mail does not give me an opportunity to arrange it all, hence I am compelled to waive this matter until the next mail, it being crowded out by more important items.  Drafts will be forwarded by the next mail to meet the church liabilities of Gen. H. S. Eldredge at St Louis.  The two parcels of hymn books you mention can be forwarded by some of our trains next season.  The Editor of the News informs me that 6 copies of the "news" are regularly forwarded to the Presidency at St Louis.  Bro Kesler has written for me to the Eagle Foundry at St Louis concerning a small Steam Engine, and any items you have opportunity to gather from them, or other sources on the subject and communicate to me may be of benefit.  The Engine is for my boat which is 40 ft long 12 ft beam with a stern wheel, and designed to ply on Great Salt Lake.  The shortness of time before the mail closes compels me to refer you to the papers for detail, simply adding that all is well in Utah.
Praying for your guidance by the Spirit,
​I Remain,
Your brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young